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3 Types of Floor Tiles for Your Home

Whether you are planning for a home renovation or a complete construction, tiling your floors is one of the most important projects. They have huge advantages over other flooring o0ptions. They have a longer lifespan compare to other floors such as carpets. Also, you don’t need additional professional maintenance because it is easy to clean on your own. So, before you start your tile installation, here are different types of floor tiles that would like:

Ceramic Tiles

It is one of the most popular types of tiles used for flooring. Some people prefer ceramic because of their long useful life compared to others. Also, they complement any interior decoration at your home. This type of tile is resistant to scratches and are versatile. Because of the versatility, this is both installable on the floor and walls.

Wood Tiles

This kind of tiles is becoming quite trendy to some homeowners. The significant advantage of wood tiles is that it expands and contracts with the various humidity level of your home. Also, it is relatively affordable if it is engineered wood.


It is a naturally-occurring limestone that you can see in mineral deposits. Talking about its mineral qualities, it is available in abundant colors, but similar to other natural stones, it needs regular cleaning maintenance. If this was installed perfectly, it will offer a natural look and enlightens your interior space. Compared with other tiles, it can be mid-range, but costly in the real sense.

If you already choose the best tiles for your home, Tuscany Tile Design Studio is here for you for the entire tile installation process. Our team is willing and dedicated to helping you anytime in Port Charlotte, FL. We are trained and experienced to provide a quality service that our clients need. Don’t hesitate to call us at (941) 828-1337 for excellent installation!

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