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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Shower Tile Installation

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Bathroom Tiles

There are no cutting shortcuts when it comes to shower tile installation. Even one minor oversight can wreak calamity. If you desire waterproof bathroom tile in the shower, be mindful of these common mistakes :

Not preparing the wall

The first step in any successful home renovation project is careful planning. What’s the point of starting work if you’re not going to give it your all? Many people make the mistake of not properly preparing the walls before tiling, which results in uneven surfaces and poor adhesion between the adhesive and the tiles. Wipe away grease, debris, and dust with a mild wall cleanser for a spotless surface that enhances rather than hinders your productivity.

Haphazardly applying to caulk

You may be tempted to rush through the tiling process as you may have other commitments, including domestic duties and personal projects. The use of sloppy caulk is, nevertheless, a regular error made during tile installations. After the grout has dried and everything appears beautiful, caulk the corners and tiny spaces above sinks, tubs, or shower floors. You’ll want to create a tight seal between the tiles and the wall to prevent mold formation. Clean the area to remove the existing caulk (if re-caulking) before you begin caulking. Apply the new caulk, wet your finger, and smooth it out starting from the corner.

Skipping a backer board

Every phase of the tiling process is critical. Skipping stages can reduce the quality and lifespan of your tiles. When tiling oneself, a typical mistake to avoid is not using a backer board, especially in high-moisture regions. A backer board keeps everything together and prevents water from infiltrating and weakening drywall or promoting mold development.

Laying out tile incorrectly

Tiling is an artistic endeavor. When tiles are arranged in a specific manner or a unique arrangement is created, the end result can be attractive and eye-catching. On the other hand, poor tile layouts might make your bathroom the subject of unfavorable conversation. Precision and persistence will always help you achieve the desired pattern and avoid frequent tile installation issues.

Skimping on quality grout

Spending less money on high-quality grout material and proper installation can prevent your tile design from looking as beautiful as it could.

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