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Go for an LVP Installation for Your Kitchen!

Is Luxury Vinyl Planks Ideal for Your Kitchen?

Since the kitchen is likely one of the busiest rooms in the house, the kitchen floor is subjected to more abuse than almost any other area of the house due to splashes and spills, dropped food, mud from children, pet mess, and a variety of other things. Thankfully, LVP installation is always an option. We address whether vinyl flooring suits kitchens in this blog post because it is one of the most popular flooring options today.

Water Resistant

Water resistance is the first to look for in a kitchen floor, and vinyl excels in this regard. All vinyl flooring has some degree of water resistance, and some varieties are entirely waterproof. The most water-resistant flooring is a vinyl sheet, but tiles and planks can also be very water-resistant. You can even increase this resistance by adding a sealant layer after installing the flooring.

Low Maintenance

It’s also one of the surfaces that requires the least amount of upkeep. Since most contemporary vinyl flooring has a protective wear layer on the surface, it won’t stain and can be cleaned with warm water or mild detergent. As a result, spills, food, mud, pet messes, and just about anything else that gets dropped on vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned up. Although the degree of protection will depend on how much money you spend on it, the wear layer on expensive vinyl flooring is much more challenging than you get with more affordable versions. The wear layer also makes it resistant to scrapes and scratches.

Comes in Various Style & Designs

Vinyl’s virtually infinite variety of styles and designs is another significant benefit when using it for a kitchen. Choose imitation ceramic tiles or vinyl planks that look like wood floors. While printed vinyl flooring may lose its pattern over time, homogeneous vinyl has a pattern that runs straight through the material, so it will never fade, no matter how much foot traffic wears it down.

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