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Preparing Different Subfloors for Tile Installation

Advice from a Professional Tile Company

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are among the most rigid and durable materials used for floor and countertop installations. Their beauty and water resistance are well-known to all tile fans. However, such an installation requires specific subfloor preparations. What can a professional tile company advise you about the different materials for sub floors?

  • Tile on concrete; It seems this is the most commonly used combination. Laying tile on a concrete sub base would be possible if you repair all cracks, holes, and imperfections in advance. In addition to this, you should fix large cracks with a special concrete filler creating a thin concrete slab over the existing one. Cleaning is compulsory too.

  • Tile on plywood; A plywood sub floor is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, it can be a sturdy and strong base for a tile installation as long as you know how to prepare it. You should know, tile floors are heavy and therefore, you need a solid material with a flat surface beneath. Plywood requires being at least 1 1/8 inches thickness when used as a sub floor.

  • Tile on vinyl or linoleum; Yes, vinyl or linoleum can make the perfect sub base for a tile installation as well. These non-cushioned materials are stable and allow minimum movement, so it can act like the ideal base for your tile flooring. In some cases, you will have to remove the vinyl itself but not the adhesive.

  • Tile on tiles; Sounds weird, right? Sometimes, tiles can be laid over an already-existing tile surface without tearing them up with a hammer. All you have to do is lay a thin coat of thin set and start arranging the new tiles over the top. However, in some cases, depending on the height of the flooring, you will have to remove the existing layer of tile.

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