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Protecting Your LVP Installation Investment

4 Reasons Why Your Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Might Be in Trouble

When you invest in luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring, you want it to remain in good condition for many years — but like any other material, LVP flooring can succumb to certain types of damage. In this article, we’ll look at four possible causes of damage for newly installed LVP flooring and how a professional LVP installation can prevent such damage.

Poor Installation

One of the top reasons why LVP flooring may be at risk of damage is due to a poor installation process. It’s vital to check that your LVP flooring has been securely fitted to the ground and that there are no gaps between the panels or boards. If the LVP flooring has not been installed properly, any movement can cause a breakdown in the panels or boards, resulting in damage.

Extreme Temperatures

Exposure to extremely cold temperatures or periods of continuous heat can cause the LVP to expand or contract. This can cause warping or distortion of the flooring material and potentially make it more vulnerable to other sources of damage. It’s important to check your air conditioning system regularly to make sure it’s not blowing cold air directly onto the LVP flooring and to make sure the overall temperature inside your home is consistent.


Excessive moisture can be a major factor in the breakdown of LVP flooring, especially if it’s left to pool on or around the flooring for an extended period of time. This can result in material warping or cracking, and if not addressed quickly, it can ruin the look and feel of the flooring. It’s important to check for any water leaks or wet spots near or on the flooring regularly and have any issues resolved quickly.

Heavy Objects

Finally, falling heavy objects onto the LVP flooring, such as large pieces of equipment, can cause damage over time. Make sure to check the feet and legs of heavy objects and furniture to make sure they are not scratching or denting the surface of the flooring and to put protective padding on top of the LVP to reduce wear.

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