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Things to Prepare When Planning for Floor Replacement

What to Prepare Before Starting a Tile Installation?

Are you ready to tackle the challenge of laying down floor tiles? To execute a secure tile installation, you’ll need the necessary materials and tools. Consider the subfloor’s stability and the amount of foot activity the tiled area will receive when selecting equipment. Depending on whether you’re putting floor tile in a damp place like a bathroom or a dry area like a living room, you’ll need different materials. Not only will selecting the best materials to ensure a successful installation, but it will also ensure that your floor tile lasts a long time.

To have a smooth process, here are the things that you need to prepare:

Prepare the subfloor

It is the essential stage of the tile installation. Make sure to understand this. What is a subfloor, first and foremost? It refers to the subfloor beneath your finished floor as a whole. The most popular subfloor materials are wood and concrete. The same tile-eating problem plagues each of them: mobility. Moisture, humidity, soil movement, and temperature can all cause concrete to move. Humidity and temperature variations cause wood to flex and shift.

Fill in any gaps

After thoroughly cleaning the floor, you’ll need to repair concrete floor cracks, as they can expand and cause the tiles above to shift or break. Apply the concrete patching compound with a trowel at the crack’s location. Although you should fill the gaps, make sure there is no excess compound left on the floor’s surface. Smooth each patch with the flat edge of the trowel to keep the floor level.

Determine the lay pattern

In choosing a lay pattern, there are several patterns to pick from. Some of which are better suited to specific tile shapes and sizes. Herringbone, brick bond, and basket-weave/parquet have all been popular in recent years. However, if you are using regular square tiles, a linear or grid design is timeless and simple to install.

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